Advice for Someone Who is Dying

"Keep mind and body separate This very lump of flesh that lies here in decline is saccadhamma, the truth. The truth of this body is saccadhamma, and it is the unchanging teaching of the Buddha. The...

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Accounting Practices for LLCs: What Every Real Estate Investor Should Know

"What new (and sometimes experienced) investors don’t realize is that there are specific sets of journal entries that must be recorded when you move an asset into an LLC or purchase an asset via yo...

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How to Change Anyone’s Mind

People instinctively resist being forced to do things differently. Instead of pushing, try removing the barriers that stand in their way If you’re trying to move a chair, for example, pushing usual...

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Air Purifiers and monitors and

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7 Things Happy People Do (and What They Don't Do)

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The challenges of living in the Bay Area

Most of the land available for residential development in California is zoned for single-family homes [1] -- lack of higher-density housing raises prices for everyone Much of California is strainin...

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Chapter 2 - Investing and Financial Decisions and the Accounting System

Foundation of the semester

Chapter 1 - Financial Statements and Business Decisions

Goals recognize info in 4 basic financial statements identity role of GAAP in determining financial statement content and accuracy

Scientists Discover 4 Distinct Patterns of Aging

Some people's hearts stay strong well into their 60s, but their kidneys begin to fail. Others may have the kidneys of a 30-year-old but fall victim to constant infection. Now, scientists may be on...

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This 100-Year-Old Skier Still Hits the Slopes

Klaus Obermeyer shares some tips on work, exercise, and (of course) skiing: Obermeyer tries to watch his calorie intake and sticks to a strict exercise regimen, swimming an hour each morning and hi...

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Using KAL Lounge Coupon with Morning Calm membership

Access to Korean Air's exclusive Prestige Class lounge (up to 4 times during a 2-year membership period) Access available to an accompanying passenger with 1 additional deduction from the access al...

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Korean Air Morning Calm membership

Morning Calm Club Benefits Morning Calm Check-in Counter Please use the SkyPriority counter if the Morning Calm counter is closed. Additional Checked Baggage Allowance (excluding travel in Economy...

Snoring with an Open Mouth

If you snore and frequently wake up with a dry mouth and sore throat, it’s likely that mouth breathing was the cause Sleeping with your mouth open aggravates snoring in numerous ways: The airway is...

Journal Entry for repairs from security deposit

Repairs using a security deposit is not an expense DR security deposit, CR Bank Account or if not paying vendor for repairs immediately DR security deposit, CR payable (when you get the bill from t...

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What closing costs can be deducted from a rental property purchase

The only deductible closing costs are those for interest, and deductible real estate taxes. Other settlement fees and closing costs for buying the property become additions to your basis in the pro...

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Setting up your accounting after purchasing a personal property

This is for a personal residence and not for a rental property There are many different types of fees and charges a home buyer must pay to get a loan and complete the purchase. For tax purposes, th...

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