How to structure assets as part of an LLC and Trust

Hold assets separately inside an [anonymous] [series] LLC Make living trust own the LLC as part of the estate plan

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Create Final Cut Pro backup

Create new library in external HDD Click on project and drag to new library

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Easy Sauce Recipes

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options to reduce the bite

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File trademark

See if trademark is available at Learn basics at Register for account at Read tut...

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Change color of illustrator artboard

File > Document Setup Check "Simulate Colored Paper" Click on the light checkered box color and pick another color Zoom in and out

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Rounded corners in Photoshop

Layer > Vector Mask > Reveal All Click "Rounded Rectangle" and select radius of corner Click once > Select size of rectangle to be same as size of image Click "Align to" > "Canvas" and center the ...

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Create Vector looking image in Photoshop

Steps: 1. Add Layer mask 2. Add "black" background with polygonal lasso tool on layer mask (Option + click on the mask to see the actual mask) to remove background 3. Add layer with white backgroun...

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Install Edge Rails

bash rails new my_app --database=postgresql --master --no-document

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Public Shopify Sinatra App

```ruby require 'shopify_api' require 'sinatra' require 'httparty' require 'dotenv' Dotenv.load class App < Sinatra::Base attrreader :tokens APIKEY = ENV['APIKEY'] APISECRET = ENV['APISECR...

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Add an email alias on Gmail for a domain in Google Domain

Step 1: Generate your app password On your computer, go to your Google Account. At the left, click Security. Under "Signing in to Google," click App passwords and sign in, if required. If you don...

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Build a Rails App With the Shopify Gem

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Re-enable Google Workspace email delivery

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TextEdit history/undo/versions

File > Revert To and select "Browse All Versions"

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GPG encrypt and decrypt a file with a passphrase

Encrypt the file bash gpg -c example.txt Clear the cache bash echo RELOADAGENT | gpg-connect-agent Decrypt the file bash gpg -d example.txt.gpg

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Install Tailwind CSS with Rails 6

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First Query to test

Test your token (Replace x123... below with your Wave Access token) bash curl -X POST "" \ -H "Authorization: Bearer x12345678901234567890123456789" \ -H ...

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Getting Started

Documentation from Wave ( Learn GraphQL ( Example Queries (

Lua syntax highlighting with nano on mac

bash brew install nano Download to /usr/local/share/nano nano ~/.nanorc include /usr/local/share/nano/lua.nanorc Repe...

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Using a forked gem

Gemfile ruby gem 'ice_cube', git: ''

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