Chapter 7: Managing your search effectively: An Overview

typically source hundreds before finding one that is right be ruthless an quick reject weak prospects after a month or 2 sourcing becomes repetitive with around 2 new prospects per day don't stop s...

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Chapter 6: Identifying characteristics you want in the business

established profitable probably should look for a dull business same customers every year growing slowly i.e. enduringly profitable don't buy a troubled business because the price is low customer r...

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Chapter 5: Paying for the search

raising money from investors through a search fund self-funded

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Chapter 4: Cost of your search

can take a lot of time and money success depends on judgment and luck market is opaque and fragmented sellers may not like announcing sale in case customers and employees leave biggest cost can be ...

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Chapter 3: Acquisition Process

The process typically takes 6 months to 2 years of full time effort Preparing for your search Plan for the cost of the search, both financial and time, energy, and lost income See chapter 4 and 5 F...

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Chapter 2: Is it right for you?

not for everyone need to understand the challenges and rewards most people who follow this path are first-time business owners possible even if not wealthy by raising capital from loans and investo...

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How to decide

Entrepreneurship through acquisition is a [attractive] third path to working and doing a startup Depends on your skills and goals and not age or gender

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Cash flow and equity Purchase price tends to be relatively low compared to profits If you buy a business for $10.25m with $2.5m profits that gives you a 25% annual return Let's say closing costs ar...

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Risks Lower revenue after purchase loss of customers to competitors tech you have invested in crashes unable to pay employees that depend on you won't have a familiar peer group at work Mitigate yo...

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Chapter 1: The opportunity

Buy a business, right now, and run it as a CEO Flexibility to run it in a way that suits you Typically purchased with a combination of loans from banks and equity from investors Upsides are profits...

Pessimistic locking in Rails Locking::Pessimistic provides support for row-level locking ruby Account.lock.find(1) Start a transaction and lock at the same time by calli...

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Set up CORS on Amazon S3

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Use different credit cards for different Heroku apps

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Convert local master into a branch

If you want to convert a local master branch (that is ahead of remote) into a branch bash git checkout master git branch experiment git reset --hard heroku/master git checkout experiment

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bash require 'sidekiq/api' ```yml :verbose: false :concurrency: 15 :max...

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Create a random password in Rails

ruby SecureRandom.alphanumeric

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Compared to Remote schooling

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