Tips and tricks and scripts

Do something when mouse clicked while Tool is activated

If you have a tool named "Shield" in StarterPack StarterPack/Shield/Script ```ruby local Tool = script.Parent local function toolUsed() print("Tool Used") end Tool.Activated:Connect(toolUsed) ```

Set or Edit Time of Day

Workspace/Script ruby local minutesAfterMidnight = 7*60 -- 7AM game.Lighting:SetMinutesAfterMidnight(minutesAfterMidnight) To increase TimeOfDay by 60 mins each time you click on a Part Add ClickD...

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Add Text to Part

Add Part Add SurfaceGui to (1) Add TextLabel to (2)

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Click to Pickup map

Add A tool called "Map" to ServerStorage Add a part called "PickupButton" to Workspace Add ClickDetector to PickupButton Add Script to PickupButton Workspace/PickupButton/Script ```ruby local Tool ...


Add two parts and name them "Tele1" and "Tele2". Add the following code to "Tele1" /Tele1/Script ```ruby local function onTouch(part) if part.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then part...

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