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Random tips and tricks to living well in Marin

Create an LLC in California

This is what it costs to have an LLC in California: One time registration fee: $70 Statement of information: $20 (every two years) Annual franchise tax: $800 (every year) Steps: Check that your nam...

The challenges of living in the Bay Area

Most of the land available for residential development in California is zoned for single-family homes [1] -- lack of higher-density housing raises prices for everyone Much of California is strainin...

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"culmination of several years of hard work - at the grand opening of our breathtaking new 50,000 SF outdoor range" 2675 Francisco Blvd E, San Rafael, CA 94901

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Living well with power cuts

The power cuts in Marin this fire season were pretty brutal. Three consecutive days of no power can really do a number, especially for those with families with small children or people with medical...

Fresh oysters

go to hog island for lunch on mon, tue, wed for shuck your own oysters Boca Tavern has $1 oysters on Wednesdays, all day! buy at tboc and shuck and eat them at Millerton Point State Park

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Bringing on a foreign partner in an LLC

The non US partner files a W7 ( before filing their tax return to get an ITIN. You normally have to file the W7 with the tax return but there's an exce...

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Flying to Hawaii using Korean Air miles

Go to Korean Air's website Add everyone to the same family plan by clicking on "My Family Plan" and then "Add a member" (https://ww...

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Drive to the city

Park on the street if you can or here's a list of parking garages Best option is the BikeLink : SFMTA Sutter Stockton Garage (

Getting an expedited passport from a Passport Agency

See if you're eligible here ( Make an appointment at https://passportappointmen...

Getting good passport photos

I just paid $16 to get passport photos taken and printed at Walgreens and they were awful. I have photoshop so I'm thinking of maybe just printing my own. I also found out about PhotosMarin (http:/...

Take the Ferry

Check ferry schedule ( leave the house 40 mins before departure. if departure is at 10:10am leave the house at 9:30am Download app (http://goldenga...

Go to Embarcadero