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Create Amazon IAM user

Step 1: Step 2:

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SendGrid on Heroku

Not sure why everything I looked online makes it look complicated but this worked. And you don't even need to add the SendGrid gem. /config/environments/production.rb ruby

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Installing Bootstrap in Rails 6

% yarn add bootstrap jquery popper.js app/config/webpack/environment.js ```javascript const { environment } = require('@rails/webpacker') const webpack = require('webpack') environment.plugins.ap...

Run Heroku Rails apps in production mode locally

Procfile web: bundle exec puma -t 5:5 -p ${PORT:-3000} -e ${RACK_ENV:-development} .env RACK_ENV=production PORT=3000 .gitigore .env % rails assets:precompile % heroku local

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Manage Ruby versions with rbenv

update rbenv ``` $ brew upgrade rbenv ruby-build list all available versions: $ rbenv install -l install a Ruby version: $ rbenv install 2.7.1 ``` set default/global version of ruby ~/.rbenv % ls ...

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Self Publish on Amazon

Sign in at Choose eBook or Paperback (see subtopics below)

Forward root to www on Google Domains

Go to "DNS" > "Synthetic records" Select subdomain forward option in the dropdown menu Enter @ for the subdomain. This represents the naked or root domain. Enter the subdomain URL which is the URL ...

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Compute instances

“Google Cloud today announced the launch of its new E2 family of compute instances”

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Encrypt your HD on a Mac

Open Disk Utility Click on "Encrypt" Choose APFS encrypted

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Revert Git to a previous commit

Working on your own and just want it to work? To revert to a previous commit, ignoring any changes: ruby git reset --hard HEAD To revert to a commit that's older than the most recent commit: ```r...

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Freeze your credit

I thought I had good privacy hygiene and keep my information safe. But today I got a notice that I got hard inquiries from the following so someone is probably trying to open an account with my ide...

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Use Git to quickly manage documents on a Mac

/Users/Sosie/Documents/deeds ruby git init git add . git commit -m "init" Work on the docs, make changes and then ruby git commit -a -m "edit summary" If you add a document ruby git add . git com...

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Reach IKEA with online order problem

888-888-4532 -> 3 -> 2 -> 3 (missing item) -> 2 (online purchase) Finally got a hold of a rep and she claims that this would reach them sooner 888-888-4532 > 3 > 2 > 4

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Setup family sharing

iOS -> settings -> iCloud -> Manage Storage -> Change Storage Plan

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Create expiring S3 URLs

Email secure links that expire after a chosen time With Ruby: With Python:

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Getting Adobe CS5 to work on Mojave

I don't need the new version or want pay a monthly fee and I'm happy enough with CS5 but it does crap out on you if you do a regular installation. Here's how I got photoshop, illustrator, and premi...

Accept credit card payments on your website

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Host a website for free on Amazon S3 with SSL

Create a bucket called It's not necessary but I also recommend turning on versioning so it's possible to rollback changes Properties > Static website hosting > Turn on Permissions ...

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Replace batteries for Mazda remote control key fobs

Buy a CR2025 (

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