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Add an email alias on Gmail for a domain in Google Domain

Step 1: Generate your app password On your computer, go to your Google Account. At the left, click Security. Under "Signing in to Google," click App passwords and sign in, if required. If you don...

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Build a Rails App With the Shopify Gem

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Re-enable Google Workspace email delivery

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TextEdit history/undo/versions

File > Revert To and select "Browse All Versions"

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GPG encrypt and decrypt a file with a passphrase

Encrypt the file bash gpg -c example.txt Clear the cache bash echo RELOADAGENT | gpg-connect-agent Decrypt the file bash gpg -d example.txt.gpg

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Rails Multi Environment Credentials

I ended up deleting master.key and credentials.yml.enc since I'd rather use development and production specific keys and credentials per below bash EDITOR="mate --wait" bin/rails credentials:edit -...

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Install Tailwind CSS with Rails 6

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Host a website for free on Amazon S3 with SSL

Create a bucket (note the region which will be used in step 7) called It's not necessary but I also recommend turning on versioning so it's possible to rollback changes Properties ...

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Freeze your credit

I thought I had good privacy hygiene and keep my information safe. But today I got a notice that I got hard inquiries from the following so someone is probably trying to open an account with my ide...

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Lua syntax highlighting with nano on mac

bash brew install nano Download to /usr/local/share/nano nano ~/.nanorc include /usr/local/share/nano/lua.nanorc Repe...

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Forking, cloning, updating, and creating a pull request on Github

Fork the repo Clone it to your local machine with git clone Make changes and commit Push to GitHub with git push master origin/master Click "Pull Request"

Pessimistic locking in Rails Locking::Pessimistic provides support for row-level locking ruby Account.lock.find(1) Start a transaction and lock at the same time by calli...

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Set up CORS on Amazon S3

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Use different credit cards for different Heroku apps

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bash require 'sidekiq/api' ```yml :verbose: false :concurrency: 15 :max...

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Create a random password in Rails

ruby SecureRandom.alphanumeric

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Run a Rails server on https and localhost

openssl req -x509 -sha256 -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -days 365 -keyout localhost.key -out localhost.crt then rails s -b 'ssl://localhost:3000?key=localhost.key&cert=localhost.crt' This will give y...

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Add Stripe to a Rails app

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Modeling double entry accounting in a relational database https://c...

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Pass persisted params in a Rails form

If the params you want to persist are state and order ruby <% request.params.slice('state', 'order').each do |key, value| %> <%= hidden_field_tag key, value %> <% end %>

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