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Install Tailwind CSS with Rails 6

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Host a website for free on Amazon S3 with SSL

Create a bucket (note the region which will be used in step 7) called It's not necessary but I also recommend turning on versioning so it's possible to rollback changes Properties ...

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Freeze your credit

I thought I had good privacy hygiene and keep my information safe. But today I got a notice that I got hard inquiries from the following so someone is probably trying to open an account with my ide...

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Lua syntax highlighting with nano on mac

bash brew install nano Download to /usr/local/share/nano nano ~/.nanorc include /usr/local/share/nano/lua.nanorc Repe...

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Forking, cloning, updating, and creating a pull request on Github

Fork the repo Clone it to your local machine with git clone Make changes and commit Push to GitHub with git push master origin/master Click "Pull Request"

Pessimistic locking in Rails Locking::Pessimistic provides support for row-level locking ruby Account.lock.find(1) Start a transaction and lock at the same time by calli...

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Set up CORS on Amazon S3

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Use different credit cards for different Heroku apps

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bash require 'sidekiq/api' ```yml :verbose: false :concurrency: 15 :max...

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Create a random password in Rails

ruby SecureRandom.alphanumeric

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Run a Rails server on https and localhost

openssl req -x509 -sha256 -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -days 365 -keyout localhost.key -out localhost.crt then rails s -b 'ssl://localhost:3000?key=localhost.key&cert=localhost.crt' This will give y...

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Add Stripe to a Rails app

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Modeling double entry accounting in a relational database https://c...

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Rails Multi Environment Credentials

I ended up deleting master.key and credentials.yml.enc since I'd rather use development and production specific keys and credentials per below ```ruby rails credentials:show --environment=developme...

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Pass persisted params in a Rails form

If the params you want to persist are state and order ruby <% request.params.slice('state', 'order').each do |key, value| %> <%= hidden_field_tag key, value %> <% end %>

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Find a process and kill it in terminal

% ps aux | grep ruby lukeko 29806 0.0 0.0 4277500 696 s000 S+ 6:49PM 0:00.00 <process you don't want> % kill -9 29806

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Go to Only extra things left to do is @import "trix/dist/trix";

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Override update_counters from counter_cache: true

```ruby class Post < ApplicationRecord belongsto :author, countercache: true end class Author < ApplicationRecord has_many :posts def self.updatecounters(id, counters) Author.find(id).dos...

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Remove folder and all files inside it in Terminal

using rm can be very dangerous if you're not careful -- get in the habit of using mv instead do this mv .git ~/.Trash instead of rm -rf .git the first command is safer on many levels

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Serialized Hash in Rails form

review of what a hash is ```ruby schedule = {mon: true, tue: false, wed: true} schedule[:mon] => true schedule[:tue] => false schedule[:wed] => true schedule[:thu] => nil schedule.class => Hash ```...

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