(A) A dream written down with a date becomes a goal
(B) A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan
(C) A plan backed with action becomes reality

Lukeko helps you with part (B). You can do anything if you have the prerequisites -- once you know your prerequisites you have a roadmap to achieve your goals. In other words you now know the price (time, money, sleep, and effort) you have to pay to get what you want. You can then decide if you're willing to pay the price or pursue other goals. You wouldn't buy most things without knowing their prices so why go through life not knowing the prices for your goals?

A topic can be broken down into subtopics and each subtopic can be broken into more subtopics and on and on. These topics (and subtopics) can be linked as prerequisites, substitutes, and outcomes within and outside the group allowing you go as wide or as deep you want into any subject.

Depending on how you like to work you can do it alone or have as many people in your project as you want. Work collaboratively in groups with no limits on how many members you let in your group and control what members have access to.

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