Negotiate like a boss


  • Negotiation is not a battle -- it's a process of discovery
  • Mirror (for eg repeat the last 3 words) to keep people talking and bond with you and have them "reveal" themselves
  • Smile
  1. Start with a late-night FM DJ voice (i.e. calm and slow and inflect voice downward - upward invites a response because of the uncertainty) for authority and trustworthiness without triggering defensiveness
  2. Use a positive/playful voice (default voice)
  3. Use a direct or assertive voice (rarely)
Get your way without confrontation
  1. Use late-night FM DJ voice
  2. Start with "I'm sorry" (Boss: "Make two copies of everything". You: "I'm sorry, two copies?" --> i.e. help me understand. Boss: "yes, one for us and one for the customer". You: "I'm sorry, so you're saying the client is asking for a copy and we need one?". Boss: "I'll check with the client")
  3. Mirror
  4. Silence (4 seconds)
  5. Repeat

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