How to stop using CPAP Machine


I have love hate relationship with my CPAP machine. I love that it helps me get better sleep and feel more rested. I'd give anything for good sleep so I'm very grateful for it.

But as a minimalist I hate that I have to carry this thing around when I travel, or clean, or maintain. A few days ago my 7 year old daughter shared that it scares her to see me use it -- she is afraid it means I might die soon. I quickly comforted her that it means no such thing but it did get me thinking about if there's a way to get off a CPAP machine eventually and not have it be a life sentence.

I didn't find much when I googled it so I decided to experiment on my own. I first figured out how to get into the clinical menu on the Resmed Airsense by holding the Home and dial buttons for a few seconds. I figure my body can't possibly know the difference between a max pressure of 11.8 cmH2O and 12 cmH2O (which is what I was prescribed). To make sure my oxygen levels were not dropping I downloaded the SleepyHead program and purchased the AirSense Oximetry kit. My goal is to reduce the pressure by tiny amounts and see if I can maintain healthy oxygen levels.

Going from 12 cmH2O to 11.8 cmH2O didn't make any difference in my oxygen levels so I'm going to try 11.6 cmH2O next!

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  • about 3 years ago by vince

Ok, I'm down to 11 cmH20 and so far it hasn't made a difference in my AHI [yet] :) Very curious how low I can go without affecting my sleep. Fingers crossed I can go a lot lower!

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