Get shredded


For Nanjiani, this meant five workouts per week, each lasting a little over an hour. He followed a typical bodybuilding split, focusing on one or two body parts at a time, with Roberts consistently tweaking the reps to exhaust the star’s muscles in different ways.

Another critical factor was Nanjiani’s nutritionOpens in a new Window.. He followed a high-protein, moderate-fat diet, keeping his carbs low, 200 grams or less, during the week and then loading up on the weekends. “I’d make sure he had more carbs before we worked the muscles that needed the most growth,” Roberts adds.

Ten months later, Nanjiani weighed about 175 pounds and lowered his body fat percentage from 20% to 10%. “That was a huge lean mass gain for Kumail.”

In order to get shredded for his role Nanjiani needed to go through two phases:

A Bulk to Tack on Muscle
A Cut to Get Shredded like a dang Greek God

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