1. The Voice Inside Your Head



  • we have a mental voice inside our heads that never stops talking
  • if you're smart you'll get to know this voice better
  • you can't shut it up by "yelling" at it, you have to step back and look at it
  • it doesn't matter what it's saying! it's just a voice in your head
  • you are not your voice you hear just like you are not a flower that you see
  • life goes on, it doesn't matter what your voice says about it
  • your voice is like a backseat driver that makes you feel like you have more control
  • your inner world is within your control, the outer world marches to it's own laws
  • if your voice says "it's cold!" you can then say "almost home, just another 2 minutes" so you feel better
  • you re-create the world and then live in your mind to protect yourself
  • if used properly your voice that has been a source of worry and neurosis can launch you into true spiritual awakening

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  • over 3 years ago by vince