Get a bank account with a tourist visa


If you're going to visit Thailand more than once or more than a few weeks it might be a good idea to get a bank account in Thai baht

- Save money on fees you have to pay using your foreign ATM card
- Be cashless instead of carrying wads of baht or change
- Save time every time you checkout
- Feel more like a local

- You will initially spend 30 minutes setting up your account
- Spend time going to your embassy to get an affidavit

There's a lot of conflicting advice on the internet. Here's what worked for me

  • Make an appointment for consular services at the US Embassy
  • Download and print a blank affidavit
  • Write on the affidavit (hand written is fine) the following
1. I [name on passport] was born on DD/MM/YYYY at XXXXXX and am the bearer of [country name] passport number XXXXXX issued on DD/MM/YYYY by XXXXXX which expires on DD/MM/YYYY
2. I am currently employed by XXXXXX and reside at [thai address]
3. The purpose of this affidavit is to: open a bank account
  • Get the affidavit signed by the consul
  • Go to a Bangkok Bank branch and open an account. I went to the EmQuartier branch on the 3rd floor -- they spoke great English -- and requested a Mastercard ATM card

You account stays active as long as you use it at least once a year or keep a 2000 baht balance

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