What is wellness


Most experts divide wellness into six types

  1. Emotional
  2. Social
  3. Spiritual
  4. Intellectual
  5. Environmental
  6. Physical

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Definitions of wellness all cluster around one notion: a positive attitude.

Wellness is

  • resilience
  • laughing with a friend
  • doing anything you love and noticing your own pleasure
  • balance
  • being satisfied with life
  • meaning and purpose
  • feeling good and living well all year round -- "if you walk everyday and watch what you eat you'll have achieved more wellness than someone who vacations at a wellness resort every six months" (Mia Kyricos, senior Vice President of well-being at Hyatt Hotels)

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Emotional wellness

1 in 5 Americans suffers from mental illness. Anxiety is most common and depression is second Stress and anxiety can quickly affect physical health Symptoms include headaches, tension in neck and b...

Social wellness

we are social creatures 1 in 3 adults 45 and older suffer from loneliness which has the same health risk as smoking 15 cigarettes per day those who feel socially isolated have a 50% greater risk of...

Spiritual wellness

wonder, awe, and needing meaning is hardwired into us and has large benefits Spirituality, through the following, helps the body maintain homeostasis with stress going back to a healthy baseline pr...

Intellectual wellness

your brain likes to work but many people feed empty calories through binge watching shows underworked brains go weak intellectual stimulation protects against memory loss, cognitive decline, and de...

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Environmental wellness

know which environmental dangers are within your control and minimize them the worst is anything you can inhale if you can smell it at least be aware of it paints fragrances car exhaust cleaning pr...

Physical wellness

physical = exercise and exercise = more only 5% of Americans are physically active more than 30 minutes a day and 72% are overweight or obese increased weight increases chances of type 2 diabetes, ...