This 100-Year-Old Skier Still Hits the Slopes


Klaus Obermeyer shares some tips on work, exercise, and (of course) skiing:

Obermeyer tries to watch his calorie intake and sticks to a strict exercise regimen, swimming an hour each morning and hitting the cardio equipment in the gym (he likes the recumbent bike and elliptical). “You have to keep exercising,” he says. “Your health should be your number-one priority, then your marriage, and then your work. Sometimes the order of importance changes, but your health is important. Your body carries your brain. If your body is healthy, then your brain has a chance to be healthy, too.” He also practices aikido, a martial art that uses an opponent’s movements and strength against them. He says the lessons of aikido translate to the mountain and his daily life: “It’s almost like a religion. It’s a different way to look at problems. Every problem is an opportunity to learn something new. That’s the way I try to look at life. You learn to like the problems.”

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