Snoring with an Open Mouth


If you snore and frequently wake up with a dry mouth and sore throat, it’s likely that mouth breathing was the cause

Sleeping with your mouth open aggravates snoring in numerous ways:

  • The airway is narrowed. An open mouth causes your throat to compress as your tongue falls further back into your airway and the open space behind your tongue and soft palate is reduced.
  • Inhaled air becomes turbulent. Directly inhaled air vibrates the soft tissues at the back of your mouth
  • The airway dries out. This is because mouth breathing doesn’t humidify incoming air like nasal breathing does.
  • You are more susceptible to breathing in harmful things. Unlike nasal breathing, mouth breathing doesn’t trap allergens and bugs which can in turn worsen your snoring.
  • In addition to snoring, mouth breathing brings other problems that impact upon sleep quality, your breath, oral health, respiratory health and even face shape.

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  • almost 3 years ago by vince

I'm on chapter 2 of the book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor and guess what?? I'm on night two of not using my cpap machine and I'm doing ok so far. Fingers crossed.