Healthy at 100


Why do some people age in failing health and sadness, while others grow old with vitality and joy?

  • Later years as a time of harvesting, growth, and maturity vs deterioration of our health
  • swimming, gardening, laughing with loved ones, being with children and nature vs languishing in a nursing home
  • people who don't believe "as you get older you are less useful" have more impact on how long you live than blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, or exercising
  • also impacts the present - people with negative perceptions of aging are more likely to consider their lives worthless, empty, and hopeless vs fulfilling and hopeful
  • over the last hundred years the average adult went from spending 1% of their life in an ill state vs 10% today - we are living longer but also dying longer
    • half of those over 65 have 2 or more chronic diseases and a quarter so severe that it impacts their ability one or more daily activities
    • the average age of chronically ill is getting younger but also living longer so the number of years chronically ill is increasing in both directions
    • we have prolonged dying instead of prolonging living
    • we have to extend our health span

Even if you've eaten poorly and have not taken very good care of yourself, even if you've had more than your share of hardships and pain, the choices you make today and tomorrow can greatly improve your prospects for the future

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