Learn how to play Texas hold'em


  • 7 cards (eventually)
    • 5 are laid out publicly (eventually) as community cards
    • 2 are your hold (i.e. secret) cards
  • player with best hand wins
  • following example is for 3 players
  • every player takes turns being the dealer
  • player left of the dealer starts betting for every hand
    • that player is called the small blind
  • player left of the small blind is called the big blind
  • the blinds get the game going by doing compulsory bets
    • for example lets say you play a "5-10" game
    • the small blind has to put a $5 chip/bet in front of her
    • the big blind has to double it, i.e. put $10 in front of her
  • next the dealer gives two cards to each player
  • the player left to the big blind now has 3 choices (the "action" is currently 10 from the big blind's bet)
    • Fold: means the player looks at her cards and decides "oh $10 is too expensive and I have bad cards". She hands in her cards and has lost no money
    • Call: player thinks "Not doing too badly but don't want to commit too much" and so matches the bet, i.e. puts in $10 in front of herself
    • Raise: player raises the bet to double or more, in this case it could be $20 or a higher amount
  • the action moves to the next clockwise player
    • this player (the small blind who put in $5) now has to have $20 committed to the pot and puts in $15
  • the next player (in our 3 player example the big blind who put in $10) now has the same 3 options, i.e. Fold, Call, or Raise
    • assume he Calls and commits $20
    • everyone now has $20 committed
    • first round of betting has ended and all money goes to the center of the table into the "pot"
  • next comes the flop where the dealer draws 3 cards (after "burning" 1 card for no reason i think) and puts them face up on the table
  • each player now compares their 2 secret cards and matches them with the flop and sees how strong your hand is
  • the betting opens up again to the left of the dealer (note this is different from the first round)
  • at this stage you can do a check which means you don't want to commit more money to the pot but don't want to get out the pot either in which case the action just moves to the next player
  • the check can go on till a player decides to bet
    • in our example 5-10 game the minimum would be $10
    • lets assume he bets $200
  • in the next round the players have the same 3 options to fold, call (i.e. match the $200), or raise (increase by double of $200 or more)
  • continue till the round of betting is over and then (after the flop) comes the "Turn" where the dealer puts another (fourth) card face up on the table
  • continue till this round of betting is over and then (after the turn) comes the "River" where the dealer (after burning a card, why? who knows) puts another (fifth) card face up on the table
  • everyone shows their cards and the winning hand wins the pot


Texas Hold'em 101

How to Play Poker - Texas Holdem Rules Made Easy


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