Learn how to play Pokemon trading card game


  • also abbreviated as Pokemon TCG
  • learn how to play in 15 mins from this youtube video
  • buy the basic card set for 2 players on Amazon

Basic Premise

  1. use a 60 card deck
  2. draw 7 cards
  3. chose an active pokemon
  4. use energy cards to power up and enable attacks on that pokemon
  5. place and evolve additional Pokemon on your bench and use trainer cards for support


  • made by the same company that made magic the gathering
  • think of it as magic the gathering lite
  • there are 3 types of cards
    • pokemon cards
    • energy cards
    • trainer cards
  • there are different types of pokemon cards
    • the most common are basic pokemon cards
    • these are pokemon at the lowest stage of evolution
    • you start the game with a basic pokemon as your active pokemon
    • these are the only pokemon that can be put from your hand to your bench
  • after a basic pokemon has been in play for one turn you can replace it with a stage 1 or stage 2 pokemon if you have one in hand
    • evolved pokemon have better HP and better attacks
    • they must be placed before their respective basic pokemon first

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