Freeze your credit


I thought I had good privacy hygiene and keep my information safe. But today I got a notice that I got hard inquiries from the following so someone is probably trying to open an account with my identity

Hard inquiry on Oct 21:
Equifax - Capital One Bank Usa
TransUnion - Capital One
(800) 955-7070

Step 1: Check your credit (free every 12 months)

Step 2: Dispute it

Step 3: Freeze your credit (Freezing is better than locking)

Step 4: Place a free, one-year fraud alert by contacting one of the three credit bureaus. That company must tell the other two

Step 5: Freeze your child's credit as well

Step 6: Go to

Consumers requesting a freeze from Experian get a personal identification number to use to manage their credit information. Equifax and TransUnion have you create a password if you manage your credit online, and will issue you a PIN if you manage your credit on the phone or by mail.

To talk to a human at Experian call 800-493-1058. Went through all the prompts entered my ss,zip, address, DOB then I pressed option 2 for general questions Then Option 1 for Credit Report Then Option 1 for Questions about my credit Report. There was a long message about how to order your credit report just wait and you will be then be told that you are being connected to a representative.

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